1855 Explains: Black Angus Beef vs. Regular Beef


Great taste is never accidental. The cultivation of delicious beef is a rigorous, finely tuned, and highly-specific process. Ranching techniques are ever evolving, standards are incredibly strict, and decisions are informed by constant testing.

At 1855, producing premium Angus beef is the core of our legacy and keystone of our company. For nearly two centuries, 1855 has proven to be the premier brand of handcrafted, Black Angus beef. Allow us to share what makes Black Angus beef so special. After all, our reasons for producing Black Angus beef are the same reasons shoppers choose to buy it.

What is Black Angus Beef?

We’ll start with the basics of Black Angus cattle. The Angus breed is the most common breed of cattle in the United States; the Black Angus distinction refers to those whose hides are predominantly black. Angus cattle generally produce highly marbled, flavorful beef, but Black Angus cattle are best known their consistency and reliable quality.

Angus cattle consistently produce high-quality beef due to the breed’s natural marbling, or intramuscular fat. The white flecks of fat within the muscle are largely responsible for the flavor, juiciness, and eating experience of Black Angus beef.

Where Does Black Angus Beef Come From?

Black Angus cattle are bred down from Aberdeen Angus cattle, originating from the Aberdeenshire region in Scotland.

1855 Black Angus cattle are raised in the grain-rich Great Plains region of the US, affectionately referred to as “the Napa Valley of beef” to describe the ideally suited conditions for producing highly flavorful and impeccably marbled beef. When cattle are raised in optimal conditions by highly dedicated ranchers, the result is extraordinary.

What Makes Black Angus Beef so Good?

The most discerning consumers rely on the great taste of Black Angus beef, but why? What’s behind the name? In two words, consistency and marbling.

Angus cattle were brought to the US in large part due to the heartiness of the breed. Their ability to thrive in varied conditions contributes to predictable results for ranchers: consistent, high-quality beef. Black Angus beef in particular features reliably exceptional marbling, earning 1855 the long-standing reputation of delivering on preeminent flavor and unparalleled tenderness with all our cuts.

What is Upper 2/3 Choice Beef?

When we talk about high quality and marbling for Black Angus beef, we’re hardly throwing these terms out subjectively. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) upholds thorough and specific standards for grading beef—Select (good), Choice (better), Prime (best)—and Black Angus beef naturally excels per these standards.

prime cut, choice cut, and select cut black angus beef

1855 raises the bar even higher, by only accepting USDA Prime and Upper 2/3 Choice beef to meet our qualifications, ensuring our Black Angus beef will provide unmatched flavor and unwavering consistency than the more typical beef found in stores.

Black Angus vs. Red Angus

As we’ve stated, not all Angus consistently produce high-quality beef. The unique traits of Black Angus cattle go beyond the color of their hide and remarkable natural marbling. While Angus cattle overall—including common red and brown breeds—do possess degrees of these traits, Black Angus beef reliably produces ample marbling, exceptional tenderness, and delicious flavor.

Tasting the Difference

You can learn even more about the difference between Black Angus and regular beef on our FAQs page. Ultimately, though, the only way to truly experience the superiority is to try 1855 Black Angus Beef for yourself. Find an 1855 retailer near you to experience exceptional, and browse our diverse recipe catalog for delicious ways to prepare Black Angus beef.


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