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Trust Comes STANDARD with
1855 Black Angus Beef

Trust. You build it with your customers by offering the finest tasting, highest quality Black Angus beef on the market. 1855 builds it with chefs and retailers through an unprecedented level of consistency. Together, we create an unparalleled eating experience for beef consumers all around the country.

for Retailers and Chefs

Featuring consistency in doneness, size, and presentation, 1855 beef allows you to give customers exactly what they want, every time. 1855 chefs praise our products for their rich flavor, consistent sizing, marbling and tenderness. Whether you’re in foodservice or retail, we know your customers will feel the same.

Here’s what “PREMIUM BEEF” means to 1855:

  • Produced from only the best Black Angus beef cattle
  • Harvested at optimum maturity for maximum tenderness
  • Processed in only four facilities in the United States (Nebraska, Utah, Pennsylvania, and Colorado), with uniform standards and procedures
  • Carcass weight and ribeye size specifications ensure consistent finished products and uniform portion sizes
  • Offered in USDA Prime and Upper 2/3 Choice, ensuring ideal marbling for the most flavorful and juicy beef

Strict specifications and attention to detail deliver top-level consistency in the products you serve your customers.




Solid Black Main Body*

Marbling Score

MT00 or Higher

Marbling Texture

Fine to Medium


"A" Maturity
(≤30 months)

Dark Cutter



2" or less


Moderate & Higher

Ribeye Area

10-16 square inches

Hot Carcass Spec

<1,100 lbs

*Cattle eligible for certification in Angus influence beef programs based on phenotype (appearance) will have a main body that must be solid black, with no other color behind the shoulder, above the flanks, or breaking the midline behind the shoulders, excluding the tail.

Black Angus BEEF Products

With 1855 Beef’s high standards for Black Angus beef, our primal cuts are top-level quality ensuring extreme flavor in every bite.



  • Known for rich and beefy flavor
  • Cuts include Chuck Roast and Chuck Steak


  • Low in fat content, requires a low and slow cooking method to tenderize
  • Cuts include Whole Brisket, Brisket Point, and Brisket Flat


  • Low in fat content, requires a low and slow cooking method to tenderize
  • Cuts include Fore Shank, Hind Shank


  • Versatile, flavorful, and tender beef cut. Can be roasted using a low and slow cooking method or cooked over direct heat or a smoker
  • Cuts include Rib Roast, Ribeye Steak, and Short Rib
Short Plate


  • Higher fat content with rich flavor
  • Cook on direct heat, best cooked to medium-rare temperature
  • Cuts include Skirt Steak and Short Ribs


  • Tender and succulent
  • Cook on direct heat, best cooked to medium-rare temperature
  • Cuts include New York Strip, T-bone, Tenderloin Roast, Tenderloin Steak


  • Versatile cut, rich in flavor. Cook over direct heat or a smoker or roast using a low and slow cooking method
  • Separated into Top Sirloin Butt and Bottom Sirloin Butt
  • Cuts include Tri Tip, Top Sirloin Steak, and Coulotte Roast
  • Lean, very flavorful
  • Cook on direct heat, best cooked to medium temperature
  • An excellent cut to marinate and grill


  • Low fat content, lean beef cut
  • Cook in oven with low and slow temperature
  • Cuts include Top Round, Eye of Round, and Sirloin Tip

Upper 2/3 USDA Choice Beef and USDA Prime Beef

Producing premium beef that requires attention to detail at every step of the process. Our strict program specifications help us to deliver the consistency our partners know and love. That’s why we choose to serve only USDA Prime and Upper 2/3 Choice, the highest USDA beef quality grades on the market. Products graded USDA Prime and USDA Choice offer more consistency, more marbling, and more flavor. These qualities are of utmost importance, as they ensure predictable cook times, presentation—and loyal customers. Anyone who experiences the quality of 1855 Black Angus Beef knows what to expect time and time again.

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