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Be Known For The Best Black Angus Steaks In Town

To Serve the Best, Start with the Best

Consistently superior quality — that’s the essence of 1855 Black Angus Beef. We are committed to providing you with product of the highest value so your patrons always get the best of the best.

In addition, we focus on meeting your serving requirements. Our carefully selected and trimmed cuts deliver superior yield, consistent preparation times and uniform plate coverage — enhancing your operational efficiency and profitability.

The Black Angus breed delivers consistent marbling for notably tender and juicy beef. This unmatched flavor makes for an unforgettable dining experience. In both product and program, 1855 Black Angus Beef is simply incomparable.

Our Commitment to Service

We are committed to providing our foodservice customers with responsive, personal service that exceeds your expectations. To help you grow your business, we offer marketing materials and a dedicated support team. Contact us for more information.

1855 Beef Menu
1855 Black Angus Beef promotional materials and programs create awareness and generate orders from guests seeking that special dining experience.