The finest Black Angus beef—1855

Following exceptionally high standards established by our founder, Gustavus F. Swift, 1855 Black Angus Beef is truly premium beef with unprecedented flavor and consistency. Our Black Angus beef cattle are grain-fed, producing mouthwatering beef that consumers prefer. 1855 Black Angus Beef provides superior marbling, resulting in unmatched tenderness and taste. Consistent muscle confirmation enables restaurateurs to deliver uniform portioned steaks. 1855 is also the Black Angus beef retail brand that creates shopper loyalty for discriminating retailers.

Mike Suttles

“1855 is very consistent in taste and shape and has great meat flavor.”

Mike Suttles
Chef de Cuisine, Island Prime and
C Level

1855 Black Angus Beef warrants the best in culinary creativity. Explore our library of recipes, and discover innovative ways to enjoy 1855 Black Angus beef.